Watercolor Portrait of a Woman

I have been keeping to my resolution of painting/drawing/working every day, but haven’t had anything complete to share until today. I’m still playing with these watercolors to get the feel of the medium again, as I want to do some more original, serious pieces with them.  

Couple Making Love

So, this was interesting to paint. I’ve been using the Arteza watercolor pen brushes, but was having trouble layering. So I ended up trying some watercolors from a pan to mix, and did not get the colors I wanted. However, my Prismacolor watercolor pencils did help with some shading and details. As always, learning lessons…

Landscape Attempt

Well, as you can see by the below image, landscapes are not my forte. However, I am going to keep trying a few to improve my technique. I have no real desire to paint landscapes, but it’s a nice distraction from the human form from time to time.  

New Year, New Art

Well, my other business has been booming and taken me away from my art…however, new watercolor brushes and a vacation revamped my goals to explore this work about sensuality. I’m going in some different directions and exploring/experimenting with different techniques and ideas.  

Working on a first collection

I’m working on my first real collection, hoping to eventually get into a gallery. I have this first idea that I’m sketching. Anatomy and position isn’t quite right yet. Mind you, I’m working without live models so I’ve having to use references from photography and do a lot of reworking to¬† make the content fit….

How to paint a portrait in acrylic paint

So I have been doing the portrait project for a while now. I find that each portrait helps me remember the past, work through the past, and connect with my true self. I do a lot of Googling to help me figure out techniques and such, and I have never found a tutorial on painting…

Chris Evans

Okay, I’m not going to lie. I am a huge fan…I was bored, needed a subject for the day, decided to finally take the final step in fanatacism and do a portrait…hopefully I did him justice. There was a weird perspective on the left arm that, with the forearm out of the frame, looks quite…