Working on a first collection

I’m working on my first real collection, hoping to eventually get into a gallery.

I have this first idea that I’m sketching. Anatomy and position isn’t quite right yet. Mind you, I’m working without live models so I’ve having to use references from photography and do a lot of reworking to  make the content fit. I have this one sketch right now, that’s unfinished and somewhat problematic, I recognize the problems in it, but each of those problems represents a challenge for me. I can’t decide on final positioning because I am so torn between two aspects I feel very compelled to illustrate. So I am thinking that this one sketch may actually lead to a group of paintings, a subset within the collection. Right now the representation is very literal, and I have some ideas for abstracting it a bit to evoke the more emotional response I’d like from the viewer.

It will be interesting to see how this pans out. I’m frankly embarrassed to share this work-in-progress because of the issues in it, but sharing it will help me in the long-run.


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