Flowers and Realism

I’ve been playing with multiple mediums and different compositions of cherry blossoms. Here are some of my sketches, for posterity. Watercolor pencil: Watercolor brush pens: Marker and pen Watercolor paint Marker

First draft…Meditating Woman

I’m playing with this composition, inspired by an image I saw. First step was just to practice my proportions, which are not so awesome here…but it’s a first draft. Sharing to show that art is a process of experimentation. Lots of “science” involved here. Medium: Arteza watercolor brush pens and pencils on paper

New Year, New Art

Well, my other business has been booming and taken me away from my art…however, new watercolor brushes and a vacation revamped my goals to explore this work about sensuality. I’m going in some different directions and exploring/experimenting with different techniques and ideas.  

Working on a first collection

I’m working on my first real collection, hoping to eventually get into a gallery. I have this first idea that I’m sketching. Anatomy and position isn’t quite right yet. Mind you, I’m working without live models so I’ve having to use references from photography and do a lot of reworking to¬† make the content fit….

Chris Evans

Okay, I’m not going to lie. I am a huge fan…I was bored, needed a subject for the day, decided to finally take the final step in fanatacism and do a portrait…hopefully I did him justice. There was a weird perspective on the left arm that, with the forearm out of the frame, looks quite…

Self portrait

I haven’t made anything in a while. Other endeavors have been taking up my time…so I picked up my pastels and did a little portrait this evening. It’s not perfect, but it’s not terrible. The point is to keep creating!

Hurricane Butterfly Garden

When you’ve evacuated and only brought a few supplies with you, what do you do? Mixed media collage! Here is my newest Butterfly Garden, a smaller version, and much simpler. I really like it.